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Who we are

Frankfurt MedTech Forum is a professional platform built to enhance collaboration, innovation and  business connections in the life science, biotech, device and pharma industries. Read more…

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We had our most recent program on November 26th, 2013. Read More…

What we do

Frankfurt MedTech, modeled on the NYC MedTech Program, brings together medical companies highlighting technological advances in the space with peers from the industry, investors, academia and scientists. Read more…

John Lieberman Presented at Health Care Technological Innovation, Dec 9-11, Tel-Aviv Israel

The three day program focuses on the critical elements in the formation, launch, and strategic and operational management of health-related technologies, with a particular focus on companies developing enabling technologies in biotechnology and medical devices used in human treatment and diagnosis.

This program is associated with a top tier Faculty of Management. The faculty members are top executives from the large medical device and Pharma companies as well as top attorneys, venture capitalists, regulators and academic professors from Wharton and MIT.

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From NYC Mayor’s office

May 2013: “It is my pleasure to welcome you to the May 2013 Frankfurt Medtech Program…” click here to read.