Hessen State

Region Represented
One of sixteen German states located in the West-central part of the country – principal cities are Frankfurt, Wiesbaden (capital city), Darmstadt, Offenbach,Hanau, Giessen, and Limburg in the greater Rhine Main Area; Fulda in the east;and Kassel and Marburg and der Lahn in the north.


Hessen, centrally located in Europe, has what every life science company requires. It has strong knowledge-based clusters, connectivity, and market access with  Frankfurt  Airport.  It  is  Europe’s  center  for  the  chemical  and  pharmaceutical  industry, as well as Germany’s  leading  biotech  production  site.  

Hessen is a region for well-being and health – a leader in both in high-tech medicine, cure, and rehabilitation. The medical engineering sector in Hessen offers the advantages of a highly innovative and a productive work environment.

100+ scientific institutions and 32 Technology/Incubator Centers and a Center of Excellence at the University in Frankfurt, ZAFES (Center for Medication Research, Development and Safety) are located in the region. ZAFES brings industries in order to accelerate the development of innovative medicine.

Hessen’s  medtech industry has about 20,000 employees and generates over 4 billion euro annual revenue – 1/3 of the total revenue generated by Germany’s  medtech  sector.  And  Hessen’s  biotech  industry  employs  about  19,500  with EURO 5.2 billion in revenues (almost doubled since 2002-2010). Clusters are made up of 225 companies – 61 are core biotech. One cluster is in Marburg and Giessen and another is in Frankfurt and the Wiesbaden-Darmstadt-Hanau Triangle

Global players and SMEs such as such as Merck, B. Braun, Fresenius, Biotest,Heraeus and Sirona offer products and services that continue to set new standards of quality in the international healthcare market.

Hessen is  Europe’s  most  dynamic  business  location,  where  an  unmatched  quality  of life and talent pool await your company.

Hessen Agentur GmbH (HA) is a subsidiary of the Hessen Ministry of Economics, Transport, Urban and Regional Ministry of Economics, Transport, Urban and Regional Development, is the lead agency for attracting new business clusters, encouraging the expansion of existing industry and small businesses, locating new markets for Hessen products, attracting tourists to Hessen; as well as implementing state resources for economic development.

Provider of cost-free services for companies looking to establish a subsidiary or a partnership in Hessen. Comprehensive services include advice on setting up a business in Germany, identification of technology/business centers or office space based on specific requirements, site visits, and introductions to industry, scientific requirements, site visits, and introductions to industry, scientific networks and government organizations.

Mr. Oliver Beil, Director North America, Europe
Dr. Thomas Niemann, Head of Hessen Life Science & Cluster


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