German Center for Research & Innovation

The German Center for Research & Innovation strengthens transatlantic collaboration in science and technology to help solve the global challenges of the 21st century.

The German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) provides information and support for the
realization of cooperative and collaborative projects between North America and Germany. With the goal of enhancing communication on the critical challenges of the 21st century, GCRI

• Presents Germany to the North American market as a land of ideas and innovation
• Enhances the dialogue between academia and industry
• Creates a forum for the initiation and enhancement of transatlantic projects
• Acts as an information platform for the German research landscape

GCRI was created as a cornerstone of the German government’s initiative to internationalize science and research and is one of five centers worldwide. The other centers are located in Moscow, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Tokyo.

GCRI fulfills its mission by

• Convening scientific conferences and symposia to examine cutting-edge research and explore solutions to global problems that integrate understandings of science, the economy, and society
• Providing a “one-stop-shop” for information about German research and funding opportunities
• Celebrating and promoting German contributions to research and development through lectures
and exhibitions
• Developing career workshops for graduate students and other young researchers
• Supporting North American and German universities as they develop internationalization
• Bringing together international experts and partners from research institutions, industry, and
• Increasing public engagement with German science and technology

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Dr. Joann Halpern, Director
German Center for Research and Innovation
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